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CMD Engineering

/kəˈmand - enjəˈniriNG/
Definition of CMD Engineering

  1. An authoritative order received in such a manner that we will make every effort to support your business.
  2. Best value for your organization.


CMD Engineering is a small-project, Registered Engineering firm, located in beautiful Mount Pleasant, SC. We are registered with the state of South Carolina, and as such, are held to a fiduciary standard of service. This means that, unlike a typical contractor, we must always act in our client’s best interest. We do not receive any commissions or additional compensation from the sale of products or from the recommendations that we provide. We are solely compensated for the work that we perform on your behalf.
As a solely independent firm we can support any small to mid-sized project; unlike the other contractors who prefer the mid-sized to large projects. We can leverage our experience, know-how, training, and certifications to provide the best value for your organization.